Saturday, May 1, 2010

A week's diary... (2)

24/4- Repaired transparent door. Started visa applications. Attended church fund raising dinner. Downloaded songs. "You wouldn't understand, until you had the same walk-through. Then, you'd find that it isn't like that at all."

25/4- Had breakfast with Jess Chang. Studied history. Studied mathematics. Prepared tomorrow's breakfast. Replied uncle's email. "It's been such a long time, since I last did this. Feels like deja vu, for I've kept them in a corner which i do not recall."

26/4- Continued application process. Skyped with Olivia. Studied physics. Slept early. "Everytime as we talk, I thought of something, you just wouldn't know, and I wouldn't tell you, I miss you." ( You're not who you think you are.)

27/4- Reached school earlier. Passed music score to Adriel. Returned Dylan a new nilam book. Done online application and made all records. Studied physics. "The first time I felt alive again, it's not a coincidence, it's not luck, it's me. I am sure."

28/4- Reached school early. Became probation prefect. Carried out duty. Rescheduled interview date. Studied mathematics. "Make-uped" shoes. "I've lived the future today, it seems bright and encouraging. As I walk the path, I'll grow together with you."

29/4- Finished prefect duties. Wrote essay. Voted for committee board. Booked flight tickets. "Nostalgia, I longed for it. But no, I'd find repose in new ways, I'd taste new heights, I'd do anything except the past."

30/4- Completed daily report. Finished duties. Accompanied Stephenie Tang. Went for prefect meeting. Took care of hand ball practice. Had rojak with dad. Read 活力少年."Once upon a time, like you, I thought the world is colourful. But now, I found out the world is alive and I hope you're in it with me."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A week's diary...

17/4- Repaired the glass shelf. Finished mathematics homework. Practiced 路小雨. Cut my hair."I was on meridian line, i crossed into yesterday, but i would not start, believe me"

18/4- Went to church. Studied physics. Accompanied brother. Went out with brother. "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, its always been the same, never should one add more or less and be pretended of something else."

19/4- Done malay aural test. Leader for hand ball section. Made sushi with brother Studied history. "Hurt, because something meant the world. Take control and the world dance with relief."

20/4- Finished history test. Done 1/2 announcement for hand ball. Passed up chemistry peka. Wrote letter."Its not a time issue, but rather how it comes. I would have sold time for it, but it was though not,rejected ."

21/4- Finished hand ball announcement. Passed up letter. Finished copying missing physics notes & ex. Cleared up (today + some past)'s homework. "One, i took it as a hundred. Though insisted otherwise, i felt no shame taking it seriously."

22/4- Finished today's homework. Passed up physics book. Done passport renewal. Practiced musics. " Think what's best at the moment and take actions, you'll have the world if you succeed."

23/4- Gave bag of tin cans to Alvin. Finished accounts in 1 hour. Took care of hand ball section. Retrieved passport. Done recital. Survived a hectic day. "If and only if i have a twin, it would have been much easier. If not, i would like to believe the earth turns slowly."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So yea.

So yea. Kinda quite a few people keep bugging me to update.. Especially that Jin Ming Aka Sa Po^^..
Pmr's finally over. So is our form 3. See how fast time flies? Saw it? There it is!! Kinda really worried about the results. Straight As, so easy to say but... it's hard to get one.. for stupid ppl like me.. Zzzz.. haiz.
Going for a reunion party at Taman Awam. Don't know if i'm eager to go.. it doesn't really mean anything.. Which makes it kinda no point. but still, It's them.. haven't see them for a very long time. especially that Lee lian guy. Heard that her braces is gone le.. so nice.. Bad for the band though. They need to buy a real glockenspielfor her now..
That reminds me of Friends. Kinda a little bit lot things have been going on with friends. Friends are so complicated. Things can go wrong because of little little things. Things that we normally don't see. Sometimes, we can even gossip about our close friends.. which is not very good = but kinda shuang, cuz you get to gossip.
Mmm Oh well, that's all. Just trying to update this thing.. Recently, i have nothing much to say and lotsa blank moments.. thoughts a lot.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1th Sept... Mmm..

Mmm.... I've decided to cancel out all the past posts... Hope it'll make the blog more positive looking. This could be a new start for the blog.
Besides, gonna try. Don't wanna be a liar, don't wanna break us, don't wanna be the one who cause tears. All of these if you know what I mean...
Well, 36days more to Pmr, going to be very nervous... Everyone jia you in Pmr (= Don't ever give up, don't ever let the subjects of your grips.
That's all. Take care, everyone.